52 Express Beer - 3 charges I did not make

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My bank is charging me for debits I did not make.one is $40.

on 05/08/2010. Another on 05/14/2010 for $40. Another on 05/25/2010 for $50. These are to some hwy 52 LIQUOR store.

I am an 86 year old woman who has never drank a drop in my life and it is odd they are all for an even amout.

Ruby H VanDiver P.O. Box 79 Burgin, KY 40310-0079. 859-748-5891 !!!!!!

I expect to be contacted immediately.OR 859-748-6187.

I need this corrected IMMEDIATELY prior to contacting my Attorney.

Review about: Cash I Assume.



Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, where do I begin!You're putting your personal information on this site for anyone to harass you.

Who are you waiting for to contact you from this site?

CALL OR GO INTO YOUR BANK!!!!!!!The bank isn't charging you, someone has stolen your debit card number.

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